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Making total integration possible

EBT Yachtpanels makes total integration possible. A way of saying we have created ourselves and wish to clarify.

Everything comes together on the bridge of each motoryacht, and on the helmstation of all sailing yachts. But how? And with what look? All components needed come from different suppliers and have to be mounted and applied in different ways. You might have an idea about the perfect look and feel of your bridge, but the diversity of things does not contribute to that perfect look.

EBT Yachtpanels takes care of things. Everything is fully integrated within one bridgepanel or helmstation(s). Your perfect look is not limited by choice of materials and/or components. And because of our Smart-Line operating concept also not limited by design or used colors. With every aspect we are flexible, always finding a way for the ultimate solution. Even for custommade, one-time solutions.

That is why you take EBT Yachtpanels as your professional partner. We produce your bridgepanel with the perfect look you had in mind. It is an integrated whole, nice and clear. The final result will definitely add value to your yacht. Despite the used material. Whether it is a motoryacht or sailing yacht. That is what we call total integration.

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